Piercing FAQ/T&C

The basic information and guide to piercing.

How to choose a good piercer?

The most frequent question when we want a tattoo or a piercing is: where do I go?
Many places offer these services but not all have the basic standards of asepsis and sharp box manipulation. There are many important things when choosing a place for your new tattoo or piercing. You will find many places that offer these services. Craft fairs, people who do it in their homes, shops that may look very attractive. Beauty or style of the place is not important.
Here are some important recommendations to choose the ideal place to decorate your body safely.

Important points:


  • The first and most important thing is to inform you about the risks and advantages of your piercing. This ideally through a care guide delivered by your piercer.
  • Anyone who undergoes this type of procedure should sign an informed consent specifying the area to be pierced, the material of the piece together with a specification of the problems that could affect the healing process.
  • You can ask the person who will perform the procedure to show you the color change of the container of each input, which shows if the material was sterilized.
  • Normally a piercing procedure involves more than one change of gloves.
  • The jewelry is NOT removed from the showcases to pierce! Requires sealed and sterile jewellery.
  • Once the process is finished, the needle should be discarded in a special container for that purpose and the rest of the materials in a container with a soapy disinfectant solution, to then go through the autoclave.
  • Another associated problem is the poor healing of some piercings such as horizontal tongue piercing, fingers, hands, or surfaces with straight or curved jewellery should never be made.
Piercing Room and Seat

The Most Basic!

Never get tattooed or pierced in a craft fair or the street. It is far the worst mistake, since they do not have the basic hygienic conditions and most likely you end up with an infection, a horrible tattoo or an unsightly scar instead of a cute job.
Why not attend clandestine places?
– They do not have sinks, which maximizes the risk of being infected by the person who attends you.
– Not having enough to sterilize the material to be used, which is a huge risk to contract diseases such as HIV, hepatitis B or C, it is not enough to clean things with products, everything must be sterile.
– Many times they reuse needles and jewelry previously used on other people before, in order to minimize their costs. The reuse of the material is the only explanation for the low cost in these sites.
– The person who will assist you does not have the necessary knowledge to perform an invasive procedure on the skin, which can seriously affect your health or aesthetics.
– A gun is the most common way to pierce at low cost, it is dangerous and you can get diseases, in addition to the incrustation of the jewel on the skin, as it is very short and of an inadequate material of low cost.
– Any piercing or tattoo artist with knowledge and talent has the possibility of working in an established studio.

How to recognize a formal studio?

This certificate by the health service or corresponding health entity, which must be current and in view of the client.

The study must have a sterilization area equipped with an ultrasonic washer and autoclave. If you do not have them, get out of there for your safety.
The professional studios have a reception area separate from the procedure area.
The study is always clean and tidy.
It has sinks, water, soap and disposable paper towels, paper with lid and bag inside.

Not always the most expensive or the busiest place is the best, so find out, look for recommendations, demand quality and good attention and above all use your instinct and common sense to decide.
Body art is not studied in the university but a good professional is trained in topics such as art, disease prevention, first aid. A professional studio has the certificates and portfolios of its artists.
The bathroom is the mirror of any place, if it looks bad or does not have a bathroom, the place does not have the basic conditions to assist you.

A Piercee’s Bill of Rights


  • To be pierced in a hygienic environment by a clean, conscientious, sober piercer wearing a fresh pair of disposable medical examination gloves.
  • To be pierced with a brand new, completely sterilized single-use needle that is immediately disposed of in a medical Sharps container after use on one piercing.
  • To be touched only with freshly sterilized and appropriate implements, properly used and disposed of or re-sterilized (where appropriate) in an autoclave prior to use on anyone else.
  • To know that piercing guns are NEVER appropriate, and are often dangerous when used on anything — including earlobes.
  • To the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their piercer knows and practices the very highest standards of sterilization and hygiene.
  • To a have a knowledgeable piercer evaluate and discuss appropriate piercings and jewelry for her/his individual anatomy and lifestyle.
  • To be fully informed of all risks and possible complications involved in his/her piercing choice before making any decisions.
  • To seek and receive a second opinion either from another piercer within the studio or from another studio.
  • To have initial piercings fitted with jewelry of appropriate size, material, design, and construction to best promote healing. Gold-plated, gold-filled or sterling silver jewelry is never appropriate for any new or unhealed piercing.
  • To see pictures, be given a tour of the piercing studio, and to have all questions fully and politely answered before making or following through on any decision.
  • To be fully informed about proper aftercare, both verbally and in writing, and to have continuing access to the piercer for assistance throughout the healing process.
  • To be treated with respect, sensitivity and knowledge regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, ability, health status or piercing choice.
  • To change her/his mind, halt the procedure and leave at any point if the situation seems uncomfortable or improper.

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